12 Hours in London

So I've been absent from the blogging world for a couple of weeks due to the general lack of interesting things going on. All I've been doing g to work, then the gym, then to bed.


So when I heard that a friend of mine was putting on an exhibition in London, I jumped at the chance to get out of my flat and venture to England's capital.

Back in October, my friend and fellow photography graduate, Ellie, travelled out to Malawi for volunteering work. Whilst out there she heard a lot about the controversial issue of child marriage.She was put in contact with a local organisation that provides a helping hand, support and advice for young girls forced into marriage at a young age. Along with another friend from volunteering, she took up her camera and set about documenting these young women and their stories.

Bringing this series back to London, she set up a space showcasing the inspirational images of the women she met accompanied by their stories written in their own words. The aim of this exhibition is to draw attention to the issue of child marriage and ask why this is still happening? I am so incredibly proud of what she has achieved and how her work aims to help make this world a better one.

After visiting the exhibition, I had a couple of hours before my train back to grab a bite to eat at the Italian restaurant Vapiano. It was my first time visiting and I was not disappointed! They custom make their delicious pasta, pizza and salad dishes to your specification right in front of you and it tastes utterly delicious. No wonder the queues were so long.

After a quick look in the shops on Oxford street and getting myself a naughty red velvet cupcake from Lola's, I headed back home. Despite the trip being a short one, it's definitely got me itching for my summer holidays to come quickly so I can embark on more adventures.

Photos from Malawi exhibition copyright of Eloise Craven-Todd

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