A late Pre-Christmas Tradition

Everyone has their own pre Christmas traditions, something that really sets up the festive vibe. For me, one of those traditions is taking a stroll around the wooden sheds that create the maze that is annual German Markets. There's nothing quite like the heat of a warm beverage cradled between cold fingers whilst wandering through the twinkling fairy lights every which way you turn.

The German market stalls that weave their way through city centres are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. Having not gone at all last year, I felt it was only right to visit more than once this year and in more than one city. So I snapped a few images whislt ambling around Manchester and Nottingham, drinking my mulled wine and perusing the unique little knick-knacks. There is only one problem with going so much...you consume an unholy amount of Bratwurst and Strudle.

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