Cafes and Casual Posing.

The other week, my friend Chrissie and I had a day of exploring and photoshoots in Manchester's Northern Quarter and I have to say it was a fantastic day. Being from Manchester, I have visited the city centre many a time but still manage to find new and exciting things to do and visit whilst I'm there. And I won't lie, part of the fun of going out with friends is the inevitability of good food and good conversation. Am I right?!

With the eclectic creative vibe of the Northern Quarter it is impossible not to feel it's infectious charm and personality, so I've been looking forward to shooting some photos there for a while. Stevenson Square was the first stop with the walls of graffiti in all colours and forms that are ever changing. My favourite piece features a pair of hands forming a heart with the fingers and encasing a bee, the iconic symbol of Manchester. Although it isn't the most colourful of pieces with a palette of yellow, black and flesh tones with a red MCR, it really stood out to me.



When the photos were done we went to the lovely Evelyn's for brunch where we both had delicious and fluffy pancakes with honeycomb butter (what?!) and coffees. Who can say no to that?! The cafe is so beautiful with luscious green plants on pretty much every wall and an open kitchen. They also have the best cucumber and mint infused water that is brought to your table when you arrive. Overall, Evelyn's has definitely made it onto my faves list.

Happy Monday everyone!

Hannah x

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