Hints and Tips for Egypt Travel

Before I went to Egypt I spent a fair few hours researching the Do's and Don'ts when travelling to the country. So here I will pass on some of the useful things I found out both before my trip and whilst I was there.

Flights - flights in and out of Egypt are a bit stricter than most. When you arrive in the country you will be asked to pay for a visa which turned out to be £25. So don't forget some cash on hand! When traveling back I would recommend putting literally every electronic device you own in your case aside from your phone and small music device. Any external batteries or larger electronic items will be confiscated and destroyed before your flight. What to wear - I researched this loads before leaving. Due to Egypt being a heavily Muslim country, we were advised that outside of the hotel we would have to cover up. Shoulders and knees are preferred not to be on show when travelling outside of the major tourist destinations, however, I saw plenty of people outside in Hurghada in vests and short shorts. Before leaving I learned that in the more touristy areas the locals are used to seeing people (especially women) dressed very westernised and wearing basically what you'd wear to any other hot holiday destination. It is predominantly in the areas less popular for tourists that you are expected to cover up. Which let me tell you in that heat came as a relief. One thing I will warn all my girls out there, be prepared to be starred at, especially if you are out in very little clothing. Just because the locals are used to seeing westerners dressed a certain way doesn't mean they just ignore it. Monies - due to the Egyptian pound being a closed currency, you can only get and use it within Egypt. Unless you want to pay a fortune getting it before you go, I would highly recommend getting whilst there. There are cash points everywhere where you can exchange your own currency for Egyptian. You simply deposit it as you would a cheque or cash over here and it spits out the Egyptian equivalent. Which I won't lie, my slightly tipsy self thought it was fantastic. My group had several different forms of currency from pound sterling, euros and US dollars. I myself took sterling and found I got much more Egyptian pounds for my money when exchanging than the others did. But I would recommend researching the exchange rates before you fly. Stay hydrated - this may seem like a given. But with such high temperatures and being unable to drink water straight from the tap, it is important you keep a bottle of water with you. On our excursion to the desert we had one fainter and one case of mild heat stroke due to being unable to carry water on the quad bikes with us. I chugged a bottle of water before heading out anywhere when we were in the desert and before a dive I made sure to drink at least half a bottle. Hotels either give out water or have bottled water in big dispensers like ours did. If you can, even take a refillable water bottle with you so you aren't reusing plastic bottles that have been in the sun. To avoid sea sickness if you are on a boat during your trip, avoid drinking ice cold water in big gulps. Instead, sip it regularly to stay hydrated but not fill your stomach.

On our excursion day we first stopped off at a sand sculpture park. The detail in these works of art was remarkable!

There were so many sculptures we didn't even get to see them all. It was also the closest I'll be getting to the pyramids for a while.

We then arrived for some quad biking and buggy rides. Personally I think the "Cover up from all sand" look works.

Definitely easier than driving a real car!

We then headed into the desert where we could ride camels and taste a traditional stone baked bread.

Personally I thought my camel (I called her Gertie) was the cutest.

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