Homage to the Humble Bumble Bee: My expanding jewellery collection and Wishlist

Spring has finally sprung! You may have taken a while, my darling, but welcome! Why don't you stick around for a little bit hey? As I'm sat here writing this on my bed with the window open listening to the birds in my back garden chirping their little heads off, I can't help but feel slightly more optimistic about everything. Who doesn't when the sun is shining and we've made it over 10 degrees! With the arrival of spring comes a whole flurry of new things. The flowers are starting to bloom, the days are getting longer and all the animals are starting to come out to play. There is one particular little guy in the animal kingdom that I have always been drawn to, whether it be on clothing, jewellery or just random bits and bobs to display in my home. We owe them a lot when it comes to keeping the plant life of our planet afloat and they're the iconic symbol of my home town of Manchester. I'm talking about BEEEEEEEEESSSSS! There's something about the aesthetic of these little furry guys that I have always loved and now that Pandora have launched their new collection it would seem I'm not the only one with a love for these cuties.

However, there's one small problem with my obsession with bees...I'm scared to bloody death of them! Okay it's more the fact that I got stung when I was little and my fear is more of the potential pain rather than the bee itself. But still, it hardly makes any sense for me to love something that should it came near me I would leave a Hannah shaped hole in the wall.

Despite this I have begun a small collection of bee related paraphernalia (mainly jewellery) and decided I would write a little post in homage to them! I have also put together a small wish list of other additions I would love to add to my collection. So keep doing what you do best bees! Just please do it at a reasonable distance from me.


I never really wear these two necklaces at the same time but for the purpose of these photos and this post I decided to get kitted up. The top necklace was a gift from my friends when I lived in Nottingham, from the accessories brand Pia. This was the first item in my collection and I didn't take it off for months on end. Being quite pale and cool toned, I gravitate towards silver more than gold or yellow tones, which I think works well for this piece as it isn't too in your face look at me I have a bee around my neck! I like to wear this either alone of layered with longer necklaces and chokers. The second necklace caught my eye in the Oliver Bonas cabinet whilst I was killing time waiting for a train. I thought the idea of the bee hanging from honeycomb was so unique and since I got it for Christmas last year I've got so many compliments on it. As it's more of an eye catching piece I like to wear it on it's own with low cut tops, the chain with the bee can be moved up and down within the honeycomb hexagon so you can have it as high or as low as you like. I just adore this piece and it has become a staple in my jewellery collection (plus I love honeycomb so it has two of my loves in one!)


My newest addition. This Olivia Burton watch was for my birthday and I have been coveting it for years! I used to go into Selfridges just to look at it and it is now finally on my arm for me to admire whenever I please. I have always been a watch wearer and find something quite refreshing about not having to pull out my phone whenever I want to look at the time. So I always like my watches to be a statement piece and something that will catch an eye as I lift my arm. Why can something not be beautiful and practical, right? The rose gold accents on the watch face compliment the muted grey lilac colour of the strap perfectly and I now have the perfect, prettiest watch for spring. There isn't much this watch won't go with due to the complimentary colour palette so I'm looking forward to pairing it with allmy outfits for summer.

iPhone Case

As you can probably tell, this case has been well loved. It was a gift along with my single bee necklace shown above so it was a very bee related birthday that year. As I have a gold iPhone I've always wanted cases that will show off and compliment the colour so when I saw this in Topshop I fell in love with it. Luckily for me, my amazing friends took note and gifted it to me. Since then it has adorned my phone for a long time, to the point that one of the bees actually fell off (I have yet to glue it back on) and some of the gold has rubbed away. But I will never stop loving this case! It provides such a talking point and people are always surprised to hear that it is from the High Street. I am in desperate need of the matching clutch.




Until next time,

Hannah x

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