I am so over Winter...

It's so bloody cold! Spring seems to have been delayed in Manchester and my weather apps aren't getting above 4 degrees, so I'm not a happy bunny. The arrival of Autumn and Winter brings so many things I love, from the fashion to the excitement of festivities. I adore the darker shades and layers of outerwear and don't even get me started on my love affair for ankle boots. With the mustards and burgundys of Autumn and the glitter and metallics of Winter, you name it and I will most probably love it.

I don't even really mind the change to the darker evenings because with that comes adventures out with loved ones and basically another excuse for all the fairy lights. But when we edge into January and February and the excitement dies down so does my enthusiasm. We are left with short and dreary days where it rains 90% of the time and gloves are permanently fixed to our hands. So you know what? I am so over winter!

However, spring hasn't totally given up the ghost and there is one thing that has stopped me from drawing my blinds and going back into hibernation. The black clouds that so often loom over at this time of year have been swapped for glorious sunshine. So I don't have too much of a problem bundling up in scarves and gloves if I can throw on a pair of sunnies too.

The best thing about this weather is that I can FINALLY break out this gorgeous shearling coat from Stradivarius. This was a gift from my parents for Christmas but due to the rain and the huge “dry clean only” in black letters on the label, I haven't been able to wear it until now. You know when you spy a piece in a shop or online and can't stop thinking about it until you enter your pin in the card machine and the cashier hands you a bag containing your precious new purchase? Well, this was that kind of piece. I was on the hunt for the perfect teddy bear coat for the right price for aaaaaaaages! So when I found this I had to have it.

Due to the sunny weather and the desperate attempt to urge spring to hurry up, I wanted to pair the coat with a light and airy look. Taking inspiration from one of my favourite trends, pastels, I combined this pale pink Hollister jumper with my light wash denim. Finishing off with a pair of brown boots and this bag from Accessorize (another Christmas gift). I won't lie, it was hard to break away from black. No black jeans, no black boots and no black bags. Which was quite refreshing actually. So much so it has inspired me to challenge myself a little bit more with my style. Which is making me very excited to try new pieces and trends when spring finally decides to show.

Hannah x

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