Loafers and Layering

If I had a penny for every time someone (including myself) talked about the current weather, I'd never have to work again. The turmoil this bipolar forecast is causing seems to be never ending and we're all running round in circles like headless chickens from our scarves to our sunnies. When I made the arrangements to go out for this shoot I knew exactly what I would wear. The sun was out and it was about 10 degrees, which felt practically tropical compared to the current conditions we'd been having, so I felt a floral sleeveless top and my new loafers would be perfect.

Fast forward to the day of and I woke up feeling a little groggy but hey, at least I was organised with what to put on my body, right? WRONG! Spring was on a break of it's own and definitely wouldn’t be back for supper. But instead of freaking out and falling back to my usual uniform of jeans and a jumper, I decided to embrace the sudden change and make my outfit more transitionally appropriate. All it took was the addition of some funky fishnet socks and an ever-so-on-trend check blazer from yonks ago!

I have been dying to wear these loafers from Next since I got them back in January. I saw a pair in New Look back in Christmas 2016 but didn't think I could pull them off. I was devastated when they were no longer in store and regretted not getting them in the first place, so when these babies appeared I wasted no time in picking them up. I have never owned anything like them with my only flat shoes being more casual summery ones, so I've been eager to style these. However, I'm not really a preppy kind of gal and like to edge up my more tailored pieces, usually with some accessories. Cue these little fishnet socks I got from Primark on a whim on that fateful journey from the end of the line to the tills. The edgier fishnets not only rock up the classic loafers but they also did very well in keeping the chill off my feet. Strange for socks with deliberate holes in but I'm not complaining.

I added this old Marks & Spencer blazer over this top from Yumi to give not only an extra layer but a bit of a pattern clash too. I'm not really one for big and bold patterns and colours but it is something I'd like to try more of. So I decided to start small with something more subdued. To finish, along with my trusty little leather rucksack, I added my new Carat necklace and Olivia Burton watch. I've been living in these two pieces since I got them for my birthday so the cost per wear is already making up for it!

On a side note please excuse the alabaster skin situation going on! I'd say I have fulfilled my dreams of becoming a vampire but unfortunately I was just extremely ill during this shoot...c'est la vie and all that jazz!









Until next time,

Hannah x

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