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I do love a trip to London, even if it is a flying visit! This weekend I travelled to the south to visit old uni friends for a catch up and just a nice autumnal weekend somewhere a little different. I escaped the torrential rain of Manchester and arrived to the chilly sunshine of Euston station early Saturday afternoon.

After dropping off my luggage we headed to the Maltby Street markets for lunch and a casual wander as it was a place neither of us had been before. We stopped off in a little French cafe/bistro for a late lunch, sharing a wholesome rustic baguette (with delicious Brie cheese) and a pastry full of vanilla custard which was to die for! In the evening we ventured to south of the river to The Imperial Durbar, a bar my friend was reviewing. The bar has teamed up with a tradition Indian restaurant next door which will bring delicious food to your table after ordering from an old rotary dial phone in the bar. We also indulged in three of the cocktails off the fantastic menu which boasts a brilliant range of gin cocktails.

Sunday saw us travelling a little out of central London to Richmond for a quick shopping trip and a visit to Petersham Nurseries. I have fallen in love with Richmond so much! The whole place was so pretty and coupled with the Christmas decorations made us feel so festive. Petersham Nurseries is a cute little garden centre just a short walk from Richmond town centre and again contributed massively to the festive feeling. We warmed ourselves up with spiced lentil soup and hot drinks before delving into three of the most decadent cakes I have ever tried. An absolutely perfect start to the festive season.

Other photography courtesy of Eloise Craven-Todd

You can find all kinds of cute things at the markets stalls

There was clearly a lot of food consumed on this trip!

The French cafe turned into a Bistro in the early evening

The food was spectacular! And ordering from an old phone added to the quirkiness of the bar (above food photo courtesy of Eloise Craven-Todd)

Tucking into oat and banana pancakes the morning after

Petersham was the cutest place I've been to in a while. I almost wish I had a greenhouse now

Some of the best cakes I have ever had!

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