Paris - Giverny

Are you a city goer or a countryside lover? Me, I've grown accustomed to living in a city. The past paced vibe of city life means there is always something going on and new and exciting things to try. However, everyone needs a break from the noise and busy schedules now and again.

Whilst I was away, I took a trip out of Paris to visit the little village of Giverny, famed for being the home of one of the world's most famed landscape painters, Claude Monet. The little village is one of the most picturesque places I've ever been and it wasn't difficult to see why Monet made him home there. There is something quite special about experiencing a place you've only seen hung on a wall between four pieces of wood. In the summer, the garden's of Monet's house are alive with vibrant colours. Whether it's the bright reds of the geraniums in front of the house, the soft purples of the lavender framed paths or the varying shades of green surrounding the Japanese gardens. So it was definitely worth the hour long car journey on the hottest day of the week, even if it was without the air conditioning!

Location: Giverny, North France

Camera: Nikon D3200

Must see area: Claude Monet's house and The Japanese Gardens

Best photo op: Japanese Gardens pond

People: myself

Assistant photographers: Christine and Jack Ross

#thephotocollective #photography #travel

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