Revival of an Old Love

What better way to kick start my blog and revive my love for photography than to break out my old film camera for a weekend away in my favourite place in the world, Cornwall. It's been a while since I even attempted to use my Olympus OM10 (mainly because I kept forgetting to replace the batteries) but opening up my camera bag to see three different lenses and a ridiculous amount of filters just made me want to test out every last one of them. Film is notoriously expensive to buy and process, I restricted my experimentations to two rolls of film just in case they went horribly wrong. It was hard restricting myself to taking one photo of a scene when I'm so used to snapping about five different angles on my dslr, but it was refreshing to have to get the right shot in one go instead of having loads of the same image to pick from. I feel having a digital camera never really makes you think about what you want to photograph. We just press the shutter and snap away. Don't get me wrong, I love my Nikon to pieces and I love experimenting with Photoshop even more, but there is something satisfying about having the only copy of an image physically in your hands in the form of negatives than on an sd card.

I've studied photography for about 5 years and it's been a hobby of mine for about 7. However, when you study something and have to produce work to receive a good grade, something you love can become somewhat of a obligation and not enjoyable. I lost my love for photography as I felt like I should be taking photographs for a concept and not because I simply wanted to. I felt like the images were someone else's. A combination of my initial idea that then got manipulated by others into something that was no longer mine. This shoot, prolonged over a weekend in somewhere I feel most at home was the perfect way to awaken my creativity and encourage me to not only start taking photographs again, but to share them along with my other thoughts and projects with the world.

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