Stop, Look, Breathe, Create: A new me and a new project!

When I started this blog it was a way of getting back my creative mojo and now that I have a little more free time it is being dedicated to this fully. So I sat down and tried to brain storm ideas for content to put out. But for every idea I had a realised I didn't have any visual content for it! Fast forward a week or so to me killing some time waiting for a train in Piccadilly station. I took a little trip into Oliver Bonas for a browse (because hey, who doesn't love their homeware and jewellery sections?)

Whilst I was in there I came across a book that caught my eye with the title Stop, Look, Breathe, Create. After having a quick skim read through in the time I had I immediately thought it was what I had been looking for!

The book, written by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, is a guide to mindfulness through creative expression and how to channel that creativity. It was just what I needed to get out of my creative rut. The things Greenhalgh writes in her introduction to the practice really resonated with me, so I snapped the book up the next chance I got (thank you Home Sense!)

Throughout the book there are projects that Greenhalgh sets that you can apply the “stop, look, breathe,create” process to. So I thought as a great way to practice this new reading and create more content that I would create a post for every shoot I did for each project. Each project gives creative expression through either photography, creative writing or drawing. So since I am hopeless at the latter I decided I would stick with the first two.

The first project in the book is The Ground Beneath Our Feet. Greenhalgh asks us to channel the energy we feel through the ground and to appreciate the ground that we walk on.

So I thought, what better place or time to appreciate where we stand than the woods in autumn time! I went for a wander during golden hour for optimum light and to make the most of the gold and copper shimmer dancing across the ground and the tree line. So in every post I will include the creative writing piece along with images from the shoot following each projects theme.


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