The Photo Collective: 35mm Film Prints

For a generation living in a time where technology is forever advancing and we're moving forward day by day, we seem to have a fascination with the old. It has almost become a trend in itself to own some kind of analogue equipment from record players to rotary dial telephones. Don't get me wrong, I adore anything like this and would happily fill my house with everything vintage if I had the space and money to do so.

With our love of all things vintage, it is of no surprise that when I get some film prints developed they are some of my most popular images both online and in my personal life. I have always enjoyed the notion of having a single, one of a kind print of something. That one thing that is yours. I guess that's why we all love the newer twists on old cameras such a the Instax. It's also why Polaroid can charge a fortune for their film and people will pay for it time and time again. Personally, I'm waiting for the right moment to use mine. You've got to be strategic about these things! In an age where things are so easily duplicated and tampered with, it is a novelty to possess something unique, something that is completely yours and yours alone. So I guess scanning these images into my computer and posting them all over my blog kind of defeats the idea of that.

But I couldn't help it, I just love the look of these photos. Taken on expired film, the colours may not be at their best and the images may not be the clearest but that is part of their charm. Here is a collection of images taken throughout last year and the beginning of 2018. Featuring a sunny wander around my local National Trust, a family get together and my trip to Cornwall last summer.

Hope you enjoy!

Hannah x

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