The Photo Collective #4

Boots clicking on the paved side streets, she strolls between the walls of buildings adorned with street art. Colourful murals of beautiful women and spirals of delicate florals side by side with calligraphy curls or bouncy bubble letters. She wanders these streets for inspiration. She looks for it in every brick and crack in the pavement. Every colour, sound and smell is carefully placed in her mind to be remembered for later. This place breeds the funky and the eccentric. The stand alone boutiques and cafe bars are alive with riches to indulge the imagination. Echoing a realm of the alternative and bohemian. This is where she fits in.

A pop of the unusual is always carefully placed about her person. Colour on a monochrome canvas or a bold contrast of shades that shouldn't be seen together, yet should. She is not afraid of self expression. Her personality reflects in her physical being. That hint of the crazy and the fun mirrored in a statement accessory or clash of the colour wheel.

She gazes at passers by below through the window where she now sits. Sipping on her latte and designing a stranger's existence. A lawyer? An artist? A stay at home parent? The lives of these people will never be known to her, yet they stay with her in this moment. Their possibility. Once passed, as if they were never there, their essence remains in her mind. Which one is her audience? Which stranger will identify with her words, her creations.

With a slow intake of breathe and final sip of her coffee, she begins to write...

I decided to do something a little different for this post. Instead of just dedicating a whole post to photos from shoots I do and writing a little about them, I wanted to mix it up a bit. So I've written a short creative piece to accompany these images from my last shoot with my friend Chrissie. Whether the writings are inspired by the subjects of the photographs or just total fiction, I really like how the two compliment each other. Plus I really loved putting this post together! So I hope you will love it to.

Until next time,

Hannah x

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