The Photo Collective Series

I've been updating the gallery part of my blog recently with more current images and realised that there's so many images I wanted to put on but that would make my galleries way too big.

So I decided to come up with this idea for a series of posts dedicated to the shoots I have been doing. These posts will be more photo based than anything else, with details about location, equipment and other random info I might throw in there.

I've decided to call the series The Photo Collective and it's basically what it says on the tin. A collection of the recent shoots I've been doing. Without further or do here is the first in the series. This shoot was part of the huge full day shoot I did when I went home. These images are from Goyt Valley in the Peak District featuring the ruins of Erwood Hall.

Location: Goyt Valley / Erwood Hall

Equipment: Nikon D3200 with 18-55 mm lens

People: Jack Ross

Copyright Hannah Ross

#thephotocollective #photography

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