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For those who don't know, during my time at university I joined the scuba diving society. Not only for the amazing people and the great conversation starter (people seem to be impressed when you say you're a qualified diver) but also for the adventures to exotic countries around the globe. When I was told that this years destination would be Hurghada, Egypt, I was not too thrilled about the prospect. With extensive coverage on the news about the problems in the country, it’s easy to have a bit of doubt and apprehension about the place. Even as I boarded the plane I couldn't shake the nerves. However, as I sit here in Starbucks writing this post I'm wishing I could do it all over again! Having never been to Africa before or any place remotely similar to Egypt, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. So I went in totally blind to any expectation I may have had.

The Hotel

Upon arriving in Hurghada we couldn't really see much because it was about 8 at night. We were greeted with blueberry juice and a wonderful view of the glowing blue pool that lay in the middle of the hotel grounds. We were put in the luxury apartments by the poolside that donned a flatscreen TV and a shower big enough to fit the entire group in. During the stay we visited two of the alacarte restaurants situated in the resort as well as the two buffets. We also pretty much raided the hotel bars (thank god for all inclusive!) The Diving The only time we needed to venture out of the resort was to go do what we went there to do, diving! In comparison to all the places I have dived in the past, both hot and cold climate, I can safely say that the Red Sea has been the best by far. With beautiful coral reefs to rival the Great Barrier and crystal clear waters, the experience was really something. On my second day diving we ventured down to a wreck of an old Egyptian war ship sunk by the Israelies where we got to see the machine guns in tact on the ship. Last Day Adventures On our last day we decided to brave the Egyptian desert and ventured out on an excursion. When we arrived we were greeted with cute little pink hibiscus drinks whilst we were briefed on the days plans. First up, buggy riding. My few driving lessons came in handy for that one but let me tell you I wish driving a normal car was so easy. After that we jumped on a few quad bikes and rode through the desert winds! It was only when we stopped that we realised how hot it was (note to anyone going, drink plenty of water!). Next was a jeep ride to a small settlement where we rode camels and tried a traditional bread recipe.

We kicked things off with a couple of cocktails on the flight

We had a beautiful boat and the views were just stunning

We had some days off from diving where we relaxed by the pool

The hotel had some feathery friends for the guests to meet

On our last day the cleaners did the cutest sculptures with our towels!

The hotel had the most beautiful flowers adorning the umbrellas about the sun loungers and I can't even describe how incredible the bread at the buffet was!

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