Throwback and New Blog Series

Photography has been a love of mine for going on six years now, and like most things, practice makes perfect. The other day I was browsing through old folders on my laptop of images I took when I first started getting into photography and the difference from now and back then made me giggle.

As I have posted about before, I have a new series on my blog called The Photo Collective. A series where I write a little about a shoot and include all the best images from it. So in honour of throwback Thursday I decided I would create a new section for the photography part of my blog. To get some of my old work out there and see the difference between the years, I have created the series: The Lost Photo Collective. The Lost Photo Collective series will be throwback photos from old shoots from years ago that I still love and hope you will too.

So here is the first in the Lost Photo series! Images from my trip to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, Madeira. The beauty of this island captured my heart and out of many of the amazing places I have had the fortune to visit this was by far one of the best. I would love to go back and visit the beautiful landscapes and cute traditional towns again. Oh and the cake wasn't too bad either!

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